• Slavedoge as its meme coin

    Here at SlavDoge, we celebrate creativity! We want your memes and are excited to share what your inventive minds have to offer. To show our commitment, over 10% of our total supply is dedicated to rewarding the best memes. Join us and let your creativity shine!

  • Esports

    Join the challenge and earn SlavDoge coins by competing on FACEIT, the premier gaming platform with robust anti-cheat measures. Prove your skills in a fair gaming environment and reap the rewards with SlavDoge!

    Why FACEIT 
  • In to the future

    We hope to be more than just a coin; we aim to be a fun, troll-friendly coin that celebrates Russian hardbass, blending it with the excitement of esports and meme creativity.

    Our goal is to have an unparalleled dedication to esports, hosting regular tournaments, including our flagship USSR collapse anniversary tournament on December 25th, with massive prize pools up for grabs.

    Whether you're a seasoned gamer or a rising streamer, SlavDoge is here to support you. Embrace the hardbass lifestyle with SlavDoge – where gaming, memes, and culture collide!